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Available in 25 languages, Matific is a library of online activities encouraging children to reinvent math concepts by themselves. Learning by doing roots a deep understanding of Math beyond the techniques. Matific walks kids through a journey of Math Explorations via bite-sized activities of increasing complexity.

Each mathematical concept is taught using an array of fun and interactive games and worksheets.Take the Bees and Flowers activity for example. A number of bees are shown flying above a number of flowers: students learn quantity comparisons, mapping of the bees and flowers and the relationship between the concepts.

The task is to discern whether there are more bees, more flowers, or an equal amount. Students learn the concept of bijective mapping-creating pair-wise associations between the objects of two sets- a fundamental concept that runs deep in mathematics. And children love to make the little bees fly over the flowers.

Matific is easy to integrate into your daily classroom routine and adapts to your teaching style. All activities are mapped to the curriculum and popular text books, reinforcing daily lessons. Teachers get FREE access to hundreds of Math games at school.

Teacher dashboards make for easy progress tracking. The reports enable you to analyze each student’s performance and follow the class as a whole. It becomes easy to challenge the children who master the program and supports those struggling.

Developed for use across all platforms: PC, Mac, iPAD and Android, Matific is easily accessible.
Created by experts in early-age Math education, Matific has been endorsed by Math teachers around the globe and has won several awards by presenting at major Education events such as: LaunchEdu, Codie, BETT, Bammy! and ISTE.

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