“To Empower the Teacher to Empower the Nation”

We pride ourselves on being in collaboration and partnership with like-minded organisations such as Microsoft in Education, Intel Teach Education, Google for Education and Vastratech

Core Business

Affinity's main business is teacher development, and empowerment of teachers to empower the nation. We offer facilitator-led trainings that are offered by our experienced facilitators in our training center or at your site. The courses are designed and developed to teach teachers how to improve their practice with blending, appropriate technology tools and content pedagogy. We stress on all training being hands-on labs that are teacher and learner based. We use a relatively simple end to end process to develop our training programs. The key to the success of this approach is that we collaborate with our teachers and school at each and every step to ensure that the training program will be well received by the intended audience and will meet / exceed the organization's required outcomes. We also engage in a long term strategic relationship with our schools where we conduct an exhaustive training need analysis and develop an absolutely custom-made training program for administrative and teaching staff at various levels of the organization. The implementation of this program is closely monitored and constantly evaluated to meet the corporate objectives and eventually ensure enhanced performance linked to ROI. We value our strength in providing custom training courses to provide you with maximum flexibility. You can request only certain topics to be covered, new topics to be added, or you can provide your own design or database to use in the labs. Affinity provides teacher education programmes with academic rigour, real classroom relevance and utmost flexibility.

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Supporting The Passion For Teaching & Learning.