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Affinity Educational Consultants had its humble beginnings in November 1999. It emerged as a result of the opportunities that arose as a result of South Africa’s newly acquired democracy, especially in the field of teaching and learning. Affinity Educational Consultants has been involved in creating LTSM materials for our South African School context.

The other most important portfolio of Affinity Educational Consultants is that of whole school evaluation of Independent schools using the UMALUSI evaluating instruments. We have done Umalusi evaluations for elite independent schools like "Crawford" to leading faith based schools. Providing the necessary professional development and curriculum guidance and implementation is the core of this leading education consultancy.

Affinity Educational Consultants has made significant contribution towards changing the public/private partnership through Affinity Marketing strategies under the late Minister of National Education – Professor Kader Asma by merging business goals and government ideals to improve education in South Africa. Affinity Educational Consultants was also invited by parliament to contribute towards the amendments of the Education Legislation Act (August 2005).

Affinity Educational Consultants is a female, black owned company, with the required BEE Certification. This company is run by a group of Professionals in the Teaching and Learning sector. All members are highly qualified with either a Masters Degree or other Academic degrees relating itself to teaching and learning. Presently one member is busy with her PhD.

Affinity educational consultants are committed to providing the state of art guidance and support in taking any educational institution from ABC to PhD. We are a committed team who will seek out any opportunities that will help guide your institution into becoming a leading, sought after institution in our new democracy.

Affinity Educational Consultants have partnered with the leading educational software developer in Singapore, (EYEPOWER GAMES) and locally with the largest distributor of educational hardware (SOLTECH) to transform our classrooms into vibrant e-learning environments.

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